Background Stories

I would be lying if I said the following success stories are only my own merit. The real heroes of these transformations are the protagonists themselves who have been incredibly committed.


Post Surgery


The subject in the photo was operated for appendicitis. Her goal was to get back in shape as before the surgery. Once the doctor gave us the green light to return to physical activity, in a month of personal training we were able to achieve amazing results.
⦁    The upper part is noticeably toned
⦁    We have significantly reduced abdominal swelling
⦁    Strengthened the core
⦁    Toned the lower back (the area of the love handles)
⦁    The abs are definitely more visible and shredded
⦁    We have reduced the volume of the legs
⦁    Lifted the glutes
⦁    Improved the body composition.



The subject in the photo presented abdominal swelling probably due to a combination of poor diet, alcohol intake, poor posture during most of the day (office job), and sedentary behavior due to lockdown.
In two months of Personal Training focused on strengthening the core, and dietary re-education we have achieved incredible results.
The first thing that immediately catches the eye is the drastic reduction in the waistline. Later you can notice the toning of the arms and legs. But this is what I consider only the tip of the iceberg.
The most important victory here is that the subject has learned to recognize healthy attitudes from unhealthy ones. The genuine food from junk food. Vital functions have been regularized and the quality of sleep has definitely improved.


From Skinny fat to Fit Body

The subject in the photo, before turning to me, lost an incredible amount of weight by himself. At our first meeting he presented himself as the classic skinny fat subject who has a hard time building muscle and burning belly fat.
Together, after 7 months of hard work (including lockdown), we have had insane results. They range from improved body composition to newfound self-esteem. From increasing energy levels throughout the day to building a strong body. From positive effects on mood to improved overall health. In his words "my life has profoundly changed for the better". And finally, the satisfaction of having reached the body you've always dreamed of and fought for. No other words are needed, the comparison is self-explanatory.
This masterpiece was made possible thanks to his incredible determination.


If you are really determined to leave bad habits behind and want to improve your life for the better, let me help you. Let me share my knowledge with you. Let me motivate you. Let me support you. The beauty and abilities of the human body are too precious to be wasted.