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"Do you want to know my way? Let's start from science."

My name is Riccardo and I am the founder of RiCardioPT (isn't that a brilliant name?).

Since I was little, sport has always been my life. Although, only after, it became my purpose.
Once I decided to be a personal trainer, I had to choose what kind of trainer I wanted to be. In front of me there were 2 options. Become a personal trainer in 10 weeks or get a master's degree in sports strength and conditioning. Well, long story short, I've chosen the longest and most rewarding way.

After 5 years of academic career, I graduated with the highest honors, learning a lot about the physiological and biochemical mechanisms of the human body. I studied nutrition, anatomy, biomechanics of movement, physiology, as well as the psychology underlying fitness.
Using my knowledge and experience gained in the fitness industry, I have helped countless people reach their maximum potential.

Okay, that's enough about me. You may probably ask yourself, is investing in a personal trainer a good move? It sure is!
Whether you're an experienced athlete looking for something new or an exercise novice intimidated by the gym, there are plenty of reasons to hire a trainer. Here I will tell you 8 reasons to hire me. I will help you:


See better results sooner

making sure you perform the right exercises according to your fitness goal

Set realistic goals

establishing realistic and healthy fitness goals as well as helping you achieve them

Avoid injuries

teaching you the right form and correcting you as you go through the exercises, thereby reducing the risk of injuries

Keep you accountable

scheduling together your training sessions

Improve your body composition

balancing the training to burn fat while building lean muscle

Challenge you to be better

pushing you to reach new personal records, whether it is a faster run time or a heavier weight lifted

Break through plateaus

identifying new techniques to push beyond the plateau while keeping you motivated

Establish lifelong healthy habits

teaching you how to recognize a healthy habit rather than a dangerous one for you


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  • Bachelor Degree and Master's Degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences

  • Personal Trainer LEVEL 3 REPS

  • Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist EQF LEVEL 6 EREPS


Hypertrophy/muscle building

Strength and conditioning

Lifestyle coaching

Cardiovascular fitness

Functional training

Sport specific training

Weight loss

Lower back pain

Nutritional advice



"Riccardo is a great professional. He pushes you over your limits and he is truly passionate about his clients, he is amazing. Want to get that body you have always dreamed of? Get trained by Riccardo, he will get you there!"


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*All reviewers have had a genuine experience with this service.

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